Toby Kelley
Toby Kelley

                          TOBY'S HATS
                       MORE THAN JUST A HAT

     When I create each and every hat, it's not just to sell a hat. You
can go to any hat store and select a hat that is manufactured by
people and machines that have little or no creative qualities at all.
     I create each and every hat with pride and joy. You are actually
getting a work of art. Bought and worn by people who feel they have
     I started making hats in 1973. I was a carpet installer and
stated making hats[by hand]out of carpet. They were heavy and
shaggy. Somewhere along the way I picket up a commercial sewing machine
and taught myself how to sew. I started to make hats making hats from
canvas I also began doing paintings on them. I paint special orders if
you want something special on the hat.
    About two years ago, I got the idea to see what I could do about
making hats from old jeans. I had never seen it done before or have I
seen them made by any one else at this point.
    If you have a favorite pair of jeans but can no longer wear them
[for some reason or another] you can send them to me and I can make a
hat for you. I hade an older couple bring me a pair of jeans from each
of them. I made hats for their grandchildren. They could say they were
wearing grandpa and grandmas jeans.
    Give me a call and we can work out what ever your needs are.

         TOBY KELLEY