elle je freeheart

elle-je’ freeheart

sculptor : artiste : word wizard : dedicated listener
elle-je’s art is on display for viewing at her studio by appointment
She looked into her mind through the eyes of memory and opened her voice
to the magic of melding words, and her hands to sculpting the face of longing, preserving forever
the emotion of moments meant to live in her heart.
-elle-je’ freeheart - 2012-

elle je freeheart

Distilled Moments
‘A good snapshot stops a distilled moment from running away.’
As when captured ‘in the moment’ by a camera or a glance, the fleeting moment or expression will
never happen again. This series captures such elusive moments and distills them into visible
representations of moments gone.
“we do not remember days, we remember moments”

eggheadz !
Tiny little egghead shapes that spontaneously gift you with delight; they are story tellers,
pick one up and organically its story starts. Great as ice breakers at parties or gatherings.
available fresh year around wherever freeheart eggs are found
la petites
each woman has her own endearing personality
except for freeheart’s recognizable color scheme, the large feet and hats…no two the same.
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embracing my shadow : embracing my light

This exhibit speaks to us boldly about inner life matters..... what lies beneath the surface, in you, in me, in all of us.... freeheart brings us up close and personal with our shadow selves as well as our light through her powerful figures. By looking at the visual forms of emotional expressions we are drawn to remember that the contrasts (‘bad/shadow’ experiences) in life give birth to our true desires (light’).  This exhibit encourages us to think deeply, heal, expand and evolve.

This entire exhibit, may be acquired as a complete body of work for permanent exhibition to  an appropriate, qualifying venue.  For more information regarding the acquisition of this entire exhibit, please contact  ljfreeheart@gmail.com. RE: shadow and light exhibit. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

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