Edward Mancini Paintings
Archetypal iconography of urban engineering and surveying symbols...

This series of paintings is based on actual images found on streets and
sidewalks. Inherent in their forms and colors are specific directives as to
where to install water pipelines, TV and electric cables, and so forth. They
are a symbolic language, the literal interpretation of which may be
comprehended only by the construction workers who will be responsible for
their implementation. But it is the heart of the images, the nonliteral
emotive elements of the symbols, and their inherent aesthetic qualities that
make them interesting as art objects, and raises our consciousness of the
power of symbols and their effects on our subconscious. Our psyches are full
of archetypal images, some readily understood while others are interpreted
subliminally. Intuitive feelings evoked by symbols exert profound influences
over our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By tapping into our individual
and collective unconscious via archetypal symbols, insights can be revealed
about ourselves and our human existence. Whatever the level of experience,  I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I did making it.

Ed Mancini

            2-Inch Gas Line                   oil on canvas, 40 X 30

Temporary Point Pivot

  Temporary Point Pivot
  acrylic on canvas, 40 X 30

Red Curb with Monument

Red Curb with Monument acrylic on canvas, 40 X 30

Water Pipeline with Artifact

Water Pipeline with Artifact      acrylic on canvas, 40 X 30

2-Inch Gas Line
Gas Line Spotting

     Gas Line Spotting    acrylic on canvas, 40 X 30

Five Feet Left of Somewhere

Five Feet Left of Somewhere
acrylic on canvas, 40 X 30


Edward Mancini Paintings